Heads up Siena is not really test optional

After receiving daily email invitations from Siena to apply, my daughter finally went on the Common Ap and applied to Siena. My daughter had very high GPA, ECs, honors. A.P. etc. but chose to apply test optional. DD received a response from Siena asking for SAT scores. She has already received acceptances from better schools with great merit offers and yes, those schools were truly test optional. She chose to withdraw her application. I am sharing because I think other perspective students should be aware that Siena is not truly test optional. IMO, it is false advertising.

Such negative reviews towards Siena. All I know is that my dd attended Siena and had nothing but wonderful experiences. It is a great college with excellent programs, fun times where you make good friends. My dd was also accepted to “better schools” but we are very happy with our choice of Siena. DD is now working for one of the big 4 accounting firms which she got from her Siena internship.

Here’s the school’s policy from their website:

"Siena College is test-optional. To apply as test-optional, applicants must have 19 total academic units in Math, English, Science, History and Foreign Language on their transcript. School of Science applicants must have taken pre-calculus and physics. School of Business applicants must have four years of math, including algebra 2. If a student applies and does not meet our test optional policy, we reach out to them directly to request their test scores within 7 business days.

Students applying to the Albany Medical College Program, Albany Law School 4+3 Program and Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program, as well as student-athletes are also required to submit test scores."

Sounds like Siena’s policy is quite clear. Thanks @doschicos

Actually the two students I know who experienced the questionable admissions practices from Siena both had 19 credits. Siena is tiring to appear to be a “better” school than it actually is. Also, nothing happened within 7 business days.

Not happy with how the Admissions folks strung us out on the merit award amount for my oldest daughter a few years back. She was accepted within a week of applying (October) and dangled a nebulous (no hard numbers) merit scholarship. I felt as if they overextended themselves by trying to drive app numbers up and dragged out the offer which finally came in the spring. Oldest D ended up choosing another school, but she did see Siena in a favorable light - friendly kids, nice sized campus, and overall good vibe. More recently, youngest D received a mailer that touted a 52K scholarship (aka a tuition discount) over 4 years for all those who are accepted.