Health insurance

<p>Do students at Cal Poly have to pay for their own health insurance? Is it included in wth any of the fees that we pay? Is it possible to opt out? How much is it? Thanks for any info.</p>

<p>^I watched the Polylive video addressing the Health Center. The services are included in your fees. It's not really insurance. The medical director spoke about everything that's included, which is quite extensive. If you have private insurance, it's a good idea to find a provider In town who will accept your plan. (for something that the school health center won't cover.) You might want to check out the videos. I can open them with Firefox Mozilla. Otherwise, you can still hear the audio only on IE.</p>

<p>The health center is great, but it is only open during the day and not on weekends. If you need medical attention when it is not open, you best have some private coverage. There is a walk-in Med Center at Madonna Plaza that takes most insurance.</p>