Health of Access UVA

<p>I'm almost positive I'm transferring into UVA. My only reservation is that with the tough economy that the financial aid will dry up, and my heavily subsidized self will be out of luck and have to transfer back out. Anyone know the vitality of the program now?</p>

<p>well, nobody can predict the future, but Access UVA has been a very high priority of the administration, heavily advertised, and it seems to be working to diversify the student body along class lines. So I can't imagine it would be lightly abandoned. Moreover, people already in the system would presumably have first claim on resources in the event of any retrenchment. Especially given that you will be able to finish your degree in two or three year's time, I think you can be reasonably confident.</p>

<p>Also loans are capped so after that they have to offer you work study (this happened to my roommate) at a certain point. But until you reach the loan cap they can make you take as many loans as they want... I mean it is not a low number, I believe my roommate reached the 40k point before they let her do work study...</p>

<p>I have been offered work-study in addition to loans and grants as part of my aid package every semester I have been at UVa, so I want to make clear that although UVa can and will "make you take as many loans as they want," up to the loan cap, one does not necessarily have to hit the loan cap before work study and/or grants are offered. Each student's fin aid package is unique.</p>

<p>Dean J had a recent blog post re: financial access. It appears that the loan amounts are capped at 25% of the instate cost of attendance over four years. </p>

<p>Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process: Some words about financial access</p>