Hello, going to poke my nose in here as I have a HS freshman S24 who loves acting! Very Green!

So my second son loves drama and acting. S24 has indicated he wants to act. All new to me so my first question is, what is BFA and BF?

I know that BFA is Bachelor of Fine Arts. This requires more credits in the major than a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

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The typical BA degree is split about 50/50 between general education classes and classes in the selected major, so ~60 hours out of 120 hours would be theater related. The BFA has fewer general education requirements, so the split is more like 2/3 - 3/4 major classes (so ~75-90 hours out of 120). A BFA at a conservatory style program is even more focused, so 3/4 are major classes (90 hours out of 120) and the student may find that some of the gen eds are major-related (my tech theatre D, for example, has two required Art History and two required Theatre History classes, and one particular required design class actually fulfills the spot that a math class would fill). A student may be “all in” for theater and want a BFA or may want to add a second major or a minor – adding anything extra is very tough in most BFA programs, especially the conservatory style ones, because there just aren’t that many flexible gen ed hours, so a BA might be a more manageable path. My D (in a BFA conservatory style program) is adding a psychology minor, so she is taking advantage of the AP credits she earned to use the open spots for psych classes. She is also taking the two Art History classes in the summers to free more space in her schedule for psych. Does that make sense?

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Thank you @Loganator and @bjscheel for the responses, I truly am a fish out of water here and trying to gauge what is possible for my number 2 son. What is the range of SAT he needs to hit for a shot at maybe Pace, or Towson?