Help an Afghan kid

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<p>My cousin is currently in Afghanistan and he has just finished all of his exames. He is about to start his education in Kabul Univeristy ---got in to their medical school program. He is a great student and understands English. </p>

<p>So here is my queston, is it too late to apply for undergraduate programs here in the states?I honestly do not know much about the U.S college system and would greatly appreciate it if you can give me some advice to tell him. </p>

<p>He will be asking for financial aid it best if he transfers after his freshman year in college or can he apply now and hope for the best?</p>

<p>It is really not safe for him to continue his studies in Afghanistan because he is alone there and had never been to Kabul before. Please respond!!</p>

<p>Thank you!!</p>

<p>I'm sorry to break it to you that most deadlines have passed. However, there must be few schools that accept late applications. It depends on the kind of school he wants to study at. Does he want to study in the States only?</p>

<p>I sent you a PM with some info. Hope it helps! :)</p>

<p>Your cousin needs to read everything (and I do mean everything) at EducationUSA</a> | Study Abroad, Student Visa, University Fairs, College Applications and Study in the U.S. / America Then he needs to get in touch with the counselors at their office in Kabul EducationUSA</a> - Center Profile - U.S. Embassy Kabul Those counselors should be able to help him figure some things out.</p>

<p>If your cousin is interested in a career in medicine, it probably is better for him to study that in Afghanistan. He will finish more quickly, and will be able to come here (if he wants to) for advanced training once he has finished his education.</p>

<p>Here is a list of colleges/universities that have later due dates for applications:
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<p>Thank you so very much!!!
Your help is greatly appreciated, I pass this information to him.</p>

<p>being from Afghanistan definitely helps</p>

<p>perhaps you can google, "US college, rolling basis" or something along the lines of. there are many on rolling basis, i.e. do not have strict deadlines. </p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you so much. </p>

<p>I spoke to him today and he cannot even get close to the US embassy. Due to suicide bombers who attacked the Indian embassay and NATO base in Kabul, two months ago the US embassy is out of reach to normal, teenage boys who appears as if they have nothing to lose and can easily be mistaken for a suicide bomber. </p>

<p>He will try to make an appointment and contact them by e-mail. Thank you once again and any other help is appreciated.</p>

<p>Do you think his nationality will make up for poor college entrance exams. He is fluent in English thought.</p>

<p>Your cousin faces many issues in trying to come to the US to study. Someone in your extended family needs to sit down and think through just exactly how he can pay for his education here. They also need to think about what he will do once he completes his education. Will he go home? Will he try to stay in the US? Will he move to another country?</p>

<p>You wrote "It is really not safe for him to continue his studies in Afghanistan because he is alone there" maybe your family needs to be talking with an immigration lawyer about your cousin's options.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>We hosted a student from Afghanistan in our home for nine months. He is currently living in the dorms at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Mo., along with two other students who are graduates of the International School of Kabul--one in his first semester and the other in his second. MWSU has a rolling admissions policy. You can apply at any time. Your cousin may wish to contact the International Students office at MWSU. Here is their Web site: International</a> Student Services</p>