Help clarify transfer credit page (with pics)

<p>It seems that UVa has uploaded my AP & SAT II scores. however, I don't really understand some parts of it (circled in the pictures).</p>

<p>Yfrog</a> Image :
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<li>I thought AP Bio doesn't exempt you from labs and only from lectures?
2 & 3. What do the REPEAT - ONLY in blah blah blah mean?</li>
<li>(not circled) will I not receive any credit for being exempt from foreign language requirement? Does that mean I have to make up for loss credit (from not having taken a language) with other classes?</li>


<li>It doesn't exempt you from labs, that class you circled is the 2nd semester lecture not the lab.</li>
<li>No idea!</li>
<li>Yes you will not receive any credits, you will just have to take other classes you like more than foreign language classes. You'll proly take 15 credits a semester anyways so it doesn't matter if you come in with AP credits except for electives. You won't have to take MORE than that though!! Just 15 credits x 8 semesters = 120 credits, what you need to graduate. Your other AP credits give you a bit less than 120 though... Almost a year actually! So I wouldn't worry about foreign language not giving you credits unless you want to graduate a year early or something...</li>

<p>Ahh! THANK you!</p>

<p>Wow, your AP scores are up already? Mine is only updated with SAT II and SAT ....</p>