Help deciding major, or gap year??

I’m currently a sophomore in a community college honors program. I will graduate in four months with my associates in liberal arts (humanities & social science- honors track) and my current GPA is a 3.94. My plan was always to transfer and get my bachelors in graphic design, with the ultimate goal of becoming an art director. After a recent internship, I’m doubting my desire for that career. It was so easy to take interest in all my other classes that I got wrapped up learning so many new things and dreaded my deadlines for the designs.
I love art, animals, and helping people. I absolutely hate everything medical. I wouldn’t want to teach, except maybe on a college professor level.
Everyone who knows me well tells me that I’m pretty much good at everything, so it’s just about deciding what I want. That’s not so specific, but I’m so lost and pressed for time right now that any suggestions would be helpful.
Or do I take a gap year after my associates? UGH :frowning:

Does you community college have a caree center? If so, the career counselors may have some activities that you can do to explore potential career options based on your education so far and your insterests. If there is no career center at your college, there might be a state sponsored career agency in your state somewhere near where you are living that might have resources to help you do the same thing.

Have you thought about possibility working in a non-profit that deals with those subjects or an art museum? I’m hoping to do either of those careers but leaning more towards the science museums/non-profit. So maybe get an art history degree and gain internships at museums? Or maybe try a management major with a focus towards non-profits? Just letting you know if you want to teach at colleges, then you would most likely have to get a PhD. Those can take up to 10 years of research, TA/RA positions, and coursework.