Help- Georgia Tech vs. Georgia State for Pre-PA?

I have somewhat of a specific case here. Here’s the deal. I’m a first-year pre-PA student enrolled at Georgia State currently. I do love it here; I’ve already met amazing people and gotten involved in really fun organizations. However, I also received conditional acceptance to transfer to Georgia Tech next year.

Tech is appealing to me for two reasons: it’s more prestigious and will likely make my applications stand out more than Georgia State, and the campus. My parents went to Tech and have made it very clear to me how good of a school it is. And, as much as I’m enjoying state, the “campus” is awful. Everything is dirty and I feel unsafe walking around even around where I live. On the other hand, I’ve been to Tech’s campus many times and I absolutely love it; even if I end up not transferring, I’d still want to move to the university’s area and commute.

Some more things to consider: 1. Money is not a huge concern, I have Zell Miller and won’t pay tuition (unless of course, Tech is so tough that I lose my scholarship), 2. I’d like to be involved in a lot of extracurriculars at Tech, and I’ve heard it’s so tough that it’s hard having a social life, 3. I do have a dog (ESA) who is stressed out by all the noise here and Tech’s campus would be so much better for her.

Anyway, I’m torn. I have people on both sides trying to convince me to stay or to transfer. Is Tech worth it for the campus and prestige, or should I stay here and commute? Is there any way I could somehow attend both? Any input is greatly appreciated.

I have known students who successfully transferred to GT 9one from Ga State, one from UGA). Both loved it and never looked back. But no guarantee you will get on-campus housing.

Chiming in to say your parents have already been to college so this decision should fall firmly on your shoulders! Having said that, Tech is much tougher than Ga State from what I understand so the fear of losing your scholarship is certainly possible. Be sure that is not a deal breaker because if you do lose it you will have to wait a year (and pay full in state tuition assuming you have no other aid) to get it back. There is a .5 stem bump for early classes for Zell but depending on where you are in your coursework that may not apply as later/more advanced classes don’t have it for the most part.

As far as the transfer angle, you won’t be guaranteed on campus housing and not living on campus will make things harder socially. Be sure you will commit to putting yourself out there, joining clubs and actively trying to meet people. This year transfer will also be a little weird because you will be required to start in May for the conditional transfer pathway, so perhaps even harder to meet people at first. That being said, lots of people transfer to Tech and many are super happy they did so but just have to know up front you need to be willing to make the effort.

As far as majors go - getting a high GPA will absolutely be harder at Tech. Not sure about PA school but medical school is super GPA focused (much less so on where you received your undergrad) so being pre med and getting into medical school is a tougher road from Georgia Tech than from other state schools. Not impossible but just harder from what I understand.

No way to be enrolled at both unless as a transient student at whichever one you are not admitted to.

Good luck with your decision!