HELP: Graduate Programs in Jazz/Contemporary MUSIC

I havent posted on this in a good two years! Maybe some of you remember me I was a transfer student looking to finish his Bachelors in Jazz studies or some form of music. I auditioned at Purchase and New Paltz, however I didnt get into purchase for various reasons so i decided to try my luck at New Paltz. Now in the spring I will graduate with a B.S. in Contemporary music. I appreciate my time at new paltz and i did learn alot both within and outside the music world, and have made connections with other schools (purchase, west Connecticut) but now I feel like I should take my studies further with a graduate program that is either a conservatory or school heavily known for it's music department. Right off the bat I do not want to try and go into a progam such as Eastman, NEC, MSM, NYU or Julliard (also Berklee, although they don't offer grad programs i know plenty of people who go there anyways after their first bachelors) that is just too far fetched for me and I do not want that type of conservatory training for that price.</p>

<p>SO i am going to list the schools I'm thinking about applying to in the next couple years and why I want to (I want life experience before I dive into grad school). From there If anyone has any opinions or knowledge of the Music program at the school or opinions on going to grad school for music ex: is it worth it in this economy, what will it do for a drummer.</p>

<li>University of the Arts:
Pro's: 1 year program, most well rounded (program includes applied lessons, internships, music business programs, composition (for film, video games, big band, small groups), music journalism, pedagogy etc), You will become a music professional not just a professional music (important for todays music world). Located in downtown philladelphia, excellent connections, not as congested or competitive as NYC. Well rounded performance oppurtunies (not just straight head jazz or big band/latin orchestras)</li>

<p>Cons: VERY Expensive tuition, though the graduate program is small the music department as a whole is very huge, NOT NYC( although sometimes i think nyc isn't the place to make a living or the best connections for music anymore)</p>

<li><p>SUNY Purchase:
Pro's: Cheap State Tutition!!!, EXCELLENT FACULTY, far enough from nyc to breathe but close enough to thrive, I know some undergrad students down there for connections.
Con's: Extremely competitive, program has nothing that really jumps out at me, i visited for a prospective undergrad education and the student body seemed rather snoody. Strictly within the bop idiom. Not sure what a MM from here would do for me</p></li>
<li><p>CUNY Queens (Aaron Copland school of music):
Pro's: Cheap State Tuition!, a varied student body in the music department, lots of playing opportunities, many of my professors attended/praise the school, 3 semester program that has lots electives (very personalized program).
Con's: cheap state tuition but HUGE living expenses (nyc), lots of students and highly competitive, might not get the one on one attention i would like. not sure what MA from here would do for me</p></li>
<li><p>William Paterson University:
Pro's: ALOT of my musical hero's attended there, mostly small ensemble based, decent program outline, can collaborate with MUSIC MANAGEMENT MAJORS, close enough to nyc but far enough to breathe.
Con's: somewhat competitive, out of state tuition, not sure what having a MM from here would do for me.</p></li>

<p>thats all i have for now I'm also flirting with North Texas State but that is quite far away from NY! If anyone has any opinions or knows anyone who went to these programs (either undergrad or grad) please post here or PM. I'm very interested in my search! </p>