Help I'm Rejected at F&M

<p>I desperately want to go to F&M but got rejected. Will there be any reconsideration if I request??</p>

<p>I dont think so,
I wonder whom did they accept,
But i know My application to F&M wasnt that strong at that time and missed few of my docuents and fee waiver in my first mail again had to post the missing ones....
So, i had very less hopes after i ruined my application....
But also... just email them once....
Who knows...
Anything can happen....
But i was really shocked to hear your rejection.
F&M repeated the history....
I hope there will be someone from Nepal next year.....</p>

<p>may be......</p>

If yourn credentials are in line...I've read in earlier posts that they defer admissions a semester. Worth a try.</p>

<p>@billsh1 Thanks, I'll give it a try.</p>

<p>why did they reject you? I really want to go there, and I'm so afraid of rejection because its my top college and its all I want. How were your grades/Sat scores/ extra curriculurs? Im sure your great at what you do:)</p>

<p>I don't know. Probably due to Funds because they were not able to provide enough financial aid. My brief stats:
SAT: CR-640, Maths-660, Writing-670
SAT 2: Maths 2 C-740, Phy-700, Chemistry-690
GPA-3.5 i.e top 5%
EC: I had bunch of diverse ones.</p>

<p>But I don't care now because they already rejected me.</p>