Help in navigating the California Colleges Thread for posting discussions

The California Colleges forum is mainly used for General questions in regards to California colleges that are not specifically listed in the Colleges and Universities forum alphabetically. If you have a specific question on a CSU, UC or Private California university/college, please post in that specific colleges forum.

General questions can remain in this forum (California Colleges).

For General Cal State questions Freshman or Transfer applicants, please post in the California State University, General forum

For a Specific Cal State campus question, you can post directly into the Cal State University forum either under College and Universities Alphabetical C or S.

If the Specific Cal state is not listed in the College and Universities, then post in the General category.

For the UC’s, each UC has their own forum under College and Universities alphabetically C.

For general questions, you can post under the **University of California, General.**

For UC transfers, please post questions in the UC Transfer Forum:

For Private California Colleges, look for their forum under College and Universities alphabetical list.

I hope this helps in not having to move the posts.

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