HELP! Lost something on my computer.

<p>I recently switched over from Windows 98 to XP, and I had a really important Word document saved to the desktop and now I can't find it. I've used the seach button to search through all my folders, but nothing. Does anybody know where else I can look?</p>

<p>Depending on how many icons you have on your desktop screen, it is possible that it is still there. Right click your mouse on your desktop and click on "arrange icons by" and select "auto arrange". Your file should appear on your desktop.</p>

<p>There are limits on how many icons you can display on your desktop. Go over the limit and any extras icons aren't displayed until you force Windows to show them.</p>

<p>if you we using it recently, maybe it's still in the "recently viewed files" or whatever section in word</p>

<p>I tried auto arrange and looked in the recently viewed files. Still nothing. This makes me so mad. I worked for a month on that paper, trying to get it just right. When I loaded XP it wiped out every one of my icons, and I had to reload all my programs.</p>

<p>Try this..</p>

<p>Go to search, select documents and type in *.doc the * represents a wildcard that will make the computer display all documents- who knows, maybe the name changed.</p>

<p>you can try downloading google desktop search
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<p>I don't know if that will help you, since all it does is searches, which you have already done, but I guess it's worth a try?</p>

<p>C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop</p>

<p>If you saved a document to your desktop, there should be a reference to it in the above folder. I'm guessing that your file won't be there...</p>

<p>As a last resort, go to "My Computer" in your Start Menu. Click on your hard drive icon. Select "Tools" tab in your task bar. Click on "Folder Options". Click on the "View" tab. Under Advanced Settings, there is an option to show all hidden files and folders. Select that option and click on the "Apply" button. </p>

<p>In the Documents and Settings folder/owner there is a hidden folder called "My Recent Documents". Open that folder and see if your file might be there. It's a long shot though...</p>

<p>bstewart, I did the search and it brought up a bunch of Readme files and some other files in computer lingo. Anyway to convert these to English?</p>

<p>justhere: yeah, I just tried that...still nothing.</p>

<p>michuncle, I'm trying that right now</p>

<p>Do you have an unerase utility? In Win98, the desktop is stored in the folder C:\Windows\Desktop, I believe. When you upgrade to another OS, the old Windows folder undergoes a major overhaul. Like the others mentioned, XP stores the desktop in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop, which is no longer in the Windows folder. Now, it would seem obvious that an upgrade program would copy the old Desktop to the new one, but hey, we're talking about Windows here...</p>

<p>Try an Unerase, which should work as long as you remember the filename and haven't used your computer too much since you lost it. The file may be somewhat corrupted, but it's better than nothing...</p>

<p>No, I'm not finding anything. What I don't understand is why everything I had saved to My Documents was saved, but everything from the desktop vanished. That makes no sense.</p>

<p>Make sure you searched your entire computer, not just a few directories.</p>

<p>Did other things get deleted as well? Or is this the only document that you have lost?</p>

<p>It may have been deleted.</p>

<p>Try a data recovery program. I think Norton Utilities has an unerase feature, but you can try searching for some free data recovery software. may be a good place to start, search for undelete or unerase, or data recovery.</p>

<p>Like I said, an OS upgrade from 98 to XP does some major folder shuffling...</p>

<p>Oh, and turn off your Internet Explorer cache. If you have it on while you're surfing for a solution, you'll risk wiping out your file for good with every link you click...</p>

<p>I think its gone. I've searched every folder on the computer, and I've done everything you all have mentioned.</p>

<p>There were probably about 15 icons on the desktop when I had Win98, then after loading XP all the icons were gone, including My Documents and My Computer. The only thing left was the recycle bin.</p>

<p>We mentioned unerase. Have you done that yet?</p>

<p>Oh well. You live and you learn. </p>


<p>unerase. I'm not sure how to do this???</p>

<p>Limit to how many can be displayed? ha!</p>

<p>Well, unless you run out of screen real 19" monitor has room for exactly 13 more icons on the desktop :)</p>

<p>I am going to reformat soon and install with an SP2 slipstream disk (and change some funny things in the install process) so I essentially have the installer for every bit of software I need sitting on my desktop waiting...</p>

<p>Download an unerase utility and try your luck. Unless you overwrote your hd with 0's, my bet is that you recover it.</p>