Help Me Choose Schools Please

I am a Korean student studying in the Philippines. I am looking to take Accountancy or Engineering for College. I am thinking or singapore, canada or australia.

Here are my GPA for grade 11:
Term 1: 95.xx
Term 2: 95.xx
Term 3: 92.80
Our school follows the trimestral schedule and My GPA for grade 12 isnt available yet. Ill be taking SATs this year too.

There are the Universities I thought of:

  1. National university of singapore
  2. Singapore management univerisity
  3. Univeristy of Toronto
  4. University of British Columbia
    5: University of Melbourne
  5. University of Queensland

Are there any universities that you can suggest?


McGill University

Seconding McGill as well as Waterloo co-op.

Thank you guys. Are my GPA okay so far?

Are my gpa okay so far?

Are my GPA ok so far?

Of course.

I dont have any forms of extra curricular though…

Canadian (and Australian) unis could care less if you have ECs.

American colleges do care.