Help me Decide! Transferring Spring of 2022, Fall or 2022, or Both? (Fordham-> Cornell SHA/ NYU SPS)

Hey guys!

I’m currently a Freshman at Fordham University, majoring in Digital Technology and Emerging Media. I plan on transferring to these two schools: Cornell’s SHA Hotel School and NYU’s School of Professional Studies because I realized that I want to study hospitality-- and these two are perfect for me. I need your guy’s help to decide when to apply!

Here’s a little bit of my academic background for perspective: I started my first semester of college online recently in the Spring of 2021 because I took a gap semester. During that gap semester, I had an internship at a media company as a columnist. In high school, I was an average student with a 3.7 GPA. Such is because I moved to three different high schools in 3 countries in 4 years. I was not very involved in school but still had some stuff to show off-- considering my move.

Currently, I plan to apply for the Spring of 2022 to see my chances (because two is better than one). But I’m afraid that if I get rejected, it will lower my chances of acceptance for Fall of 2022.

Also, it is quite a hassle applying for next Spring-- considering I had just started school. But I figured if I do get accepted, it would be easier for me to transition and catch up with the core-- since my current school’s Liberal Arts core is different from a hospitality/business one. And besides, starting earlier would be a plus in many ways as it could also lower the chances of my credits not transferring (although I’m taking general courses right now)

With that, which do you think is the ideal path, apply for transfer in spring 2022, fall of 2022, or both-- considering my situation? And what are my chances?

Please let me know what you guys think! Thank You.