Alright so I am an 11th grader in high school and I have a 4.0 gpa but that is without my ap classes that im taking this year (since they are year long). I am SUPER stressed because Im trying to decide which classes I should take my senior year. I heard that colleges really only see your first semester classes but still check up on you throughout the whole year so this makes my decision crucial. I am planning on taking AP Gov, AP Physics 1, AP Statistics, Duel Enrollment English 1 and 2, AP Econ, and then im between taking AP Human Geography or taking Pre-Calculus. I dont know which one would look better to colleges. Im not very well at test taking so I know my SAT will not be as high as other students so thats why Im taking so many AP’s to boost my gpa. I just dont know if precalculus would look better than AP Human geography. I am trying to get into NYU, UPEN, or Cornell. I also want to be a Psychiatrist for the military if that helps. PLEASE HELP! NOBODY WILL GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER!!!

I would take Pre-calculus because I know there are some places that require completion of Pre-calculus to get in. Also, top colleges expect 4 years of math, and unless there’s another option that you didn’t mention, it looks like Pre-calc would be the next math class for you to take. Your major probably wouldn’t require Calculus once you get into college, but for admissions purposes, taking math through pre-calc is recommended if not mandatory.

Would AP Stat not be the next math or is that in a whole different category?

But thank you! That literally just sealed my decision

The colleges that are hardest to get into (like Penn & Cornell) honestly expect to see calc, or pre-calc at a minimum.

You are right. I overlooked AP Statistics, which would count as a fourth year of math, but pre-calc is still ideal or expected. Hope I helped! Good luck with your classes!

Precalculus is expected.