Help me decide!

Hello, I am a 17 year older senior who is deciding on colleges. My top two are Butler University and Marquette. I would major in Finance. Can someone tell me which school is higher ranked? Thanks for your time.

It’s inconsequential. Rank, in general, is inconsequential unless it’s a top school and it doesn’t seem like IU or UW are on your list.

First make sure you can afford each. Assuming you can, then apply to each. Of course, make sure you can get in, etc.

Then when you visit, hopefully one will “feel” right to you - make sure you talk to lots of people and get a sense of campus and academic life. I think the difference between the two schools is inconsequential - both are solid but if you are solely looking at rank and you shouldn’t, neither is going to shine as a top school…but neither do 95% of schools. Again, these are both great programs.

Good luck.

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I agree with the above, which school appeals more to you? They are both good schools with good business programs/outcomes…have you already been accepted to both? Are they similar costs? Have you had a chance to visit?

Do some research on the classes that are required for the finance major, as well as the gen eds and see what appeals to you. You can also look at the career outcomes/final destination reports that each school should publish.