Help me interpret UCSC financial aid

Hey everyone!

I got admitted as a transfer for fall 2022 and i am having trouble interpreting my financial aid. What is the university grant? And if i qualify for blue and gold will it show up now or later? Thank you

If I’m not mistaken, a grant is something you don’t have to pay back — it’s like a scholarship.
Anything that says “loan” whether it’s subsidized or unsubsidized, you need to pay back starting 6 months after you graduate.

You got a good amount of grants!

The Blue and Gold plan combines all sources of scholarship and grant awards you receive (federal, state, UC and private) to go toward covering your tuition and fees. Cal grant A covers tuition and the University grant covers other expenses which is the purpose of the Blue and Gold scholarship although not listed as such.

If the total of your gift aid from all sources is more than your UC systemwide tuition and fees, then the Blue and Gold promise as been satisfied. However, if the total of your gift aid from all sources don’t fully cover your UC systemwide fees, your Blue and Gold award will make up the difference with UC grant money.