HELP ME OUT PLS! Michigan State Uni vs U of Arizona (Astronomy)

So I’ve received all of my offers and I’ve brought my final decision down to these two. Also, a sidenote before I proceed further - I’m an international student from India, so I also applied to the UK and have already firmed UCL for there, subject to conditions i.e my admission depends on my final exam results. I want to firm a US choice as well, in case the UK one doesn’t come through. I’m also on the waitlist for Haverford, so I’m hoping that I get off of that as well, which would instantly make Haverford my top choice.

Anyways, coming back to the US, both colleges are around my budget and I’ve been admitted to the Honors program for both colleges. Both campuses offer special Honors housing, so I’m looking forward to that.
UArizona - I’ve heard that the University of Arizona has an amazing astronomy program (also, I took a course through Coursera on astronomy offered by UArizona and it was absolutely amazing). Additionally, there’s this new Honors Village at the campus, which seems very appealing. Cost of attending - $47k/year for me
MSU - The cost of attending MSU is currently $35k for me, but I believe I’m being reviewed for additional merit aid scholarships given out by the Honors College itself. Also, one of my high school seniors is currently a freshman over there and he is enjoying his time over there, which makes MSU also an appealing choice.

Thus, it should be clear from above that I’m torn between the two choices. In the future, I’d probably want to pursue a PhD, just to clear my future plans. I still have about a month to submit the deposit, so any advice or alumni reviews/experiences would be highly appreciated. Please help me!! Thanks!!

Mississippi State University (MSU) is a great option.

sorry for the ambiguity, MSU is supposed to refer to Michigan State University here :sweat_smile:
I have changed the title now to make it clearer

Regardless, I’m sticking with Mississippi State.

My son is also weighing University of Arizona as an option. I can’t speak to Michigan State but we were very impressed with the campus and Tucson. Lots of culture, great food, options for recreation etc. Are you sure about cost? If you we’re accepted to the honors college it seems additional merit aid would have been available to you.

Yeah, I believe I’m sure about the total cost. I haven’t received any info from the Honors College regarding scholarships, considering the fact that only a limited number of scholarships are available to international students. The only scholarship I’ve received is the Global Wildcat Scholarship ($8k/annum).

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