Help me pass ap physics exams

I’m taking the ap mechanics and e and m test. I’ve only started studying for mechanics for maybe two weeks now. I got 6/35 on the practice test last week. I retook literally the same one and got 5/35. If I choose all d then I would’ve gotten 37% and passed. All I need is a three so at this point I’m thinking about doing that for eckahincs and e and m

Are you currently taking the class or are you self studying? There are plenty of study guides available for these tests. I recommend you purchase one. Or if this is a class, go to extra help. Or get a tutor.

My teacher is not helpful even tho I have reached out for her help. My family can’t pay for tutoring. Do you have any recs / websites for study guides? I loved but I would need to pay 80 bucks. Thanks in advance!

Stduy guides. $15 will get you a very useful study guide on Amazon. And have you met with your teacher one on one, after school? That’s a free resource. Try again.

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