Help Me Please

<p>I Got A 1000 On My Sat1(v-500,m-500,first Time)can I Get Admission In A American University In The Graphic Desingning Field?????
I Am Sooo Low On Esteem Right Now Coz I Expected More-is This Score Very Bad????
Or Should I Risk Givin Sat-1 Again???</p>

<p>It is not hard to improve your scores, especially if you start with a low base. It would be a very wise decision in fact</p>

<p>What kind of universities are you applying to? Selective, not so selective, moderately selective..? Do you need financial aid?</p>

<p>And SAT scores are just a part of it - the other things that matter are your academic records, extracurricular involvement, the recommendations you get and your essays</p>

<p>If you're applying for design my guess is that your portfolio is a big part of your application. Your SAT score probably won't matter that much.</p>

<p>yeah, like ria said, your portfolio wil probably be a lot more important, so if you're a great artist then relax. you can always improve your SAT scores, most people do, and especially if you're highly motivated and make sure you have a good study plan all should go well. cheer up, don't feel bad about yourself, use this to motivate you rather than to depress you. good luck</p>

<p>Thanks All U Ppl For The Supportive Comments,
Anyway The Problem Is Tht Ive Been An Average Student N So My Academic Record Hasnt Been Tht Good Too N I Was Really Countin On My Sat.anyways Ill Try With These Results N Well Hopefully.....</p>