Help, please?

<p>Ok so here's my story:</p>

<p>I submitted my SIR to UCSD. However USC has been my dream school since I was little. Unfortunately, I received a spring grade request. Up to this point, I had no confirmation that USC got my spring grades (which I mailed on June 1st).</p>

<p>So when I emailed them about it, this was the response I got :</p>

<p>"Your Spring Grades have not yet been updated into your file. Once we receive documents in the mail, it can take 1-2 weeks for us to process those documents and input them into you file. Please give us more days to process your grades. You may keep checking up to see when they have been in your file by calling the number below."</p>

<p>Now, this would a push a decision back to ~mid July, and since you can't apply for housing until you are admitted, I'm worried that I would be unable to find housing. On the other hand, UCSD's housing app opened today, and closes the 24th. I'm all set to go to UCSD, but it's just not the same as 'SC. Then again, I'm afraid that if I wait for a decision from USC, and it's a rejection, that it will be too late to go to UCSD, and I will be screwed. My mind is telling me to stop being stupid and just go to UCSD, but my heart says USC. HELP!</p>

<p>you are in a Uc transfer forum asking about transferring to USC? haha do you see the irony?? if you have 50k a year to go to Usc than you won't have a prob losing your deposit for Ucsd.. </p>

<p>you only have the opportunity to make this decision once. make a pros and cons list and ultimately make the decision yourself.. try not to let your friends, family or college confidential make that decision for you.. </p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>i don't can't retract your enrollment status after the SIR deadline? i thought there was only a deadline to accept admission but that there was no deadline to retract yourself from enrollment.</p>

<p>why don't you apply for housing at UCSD...and do everything as if you were going to UCSD fees and everything <em>yeah it may be expensive but if things don't work out at least you have your shiz covered....and if it does work out what is a couple $$$ in the long run...if you get into your dream school</em></p>

<p>ewww Trojans suck, but hey if that's your dream school do everything you can to keep yourself safe with UCSD but don't hesitate to break UCSD's heart for your dream school/opportunity.</p>

Well I posted something in the USC thread too. I was just hoping someone here might make a compelling case for UCSD. My family and friends all have their own opinions, so I thought CC was a good place for some unbiased ones.</p>

Lol why do trojans suck? Honestly, the only thing holding me back from Berkeley was being a spring admit. I didn't want to wait, our else we would have been classmates haha. USC was my #1 because of the tradition, and the alumni networking. Also, the possibility of the UC system going bankrupt scares the hell out of me. I don't ever see USC having a lack of funding. I can retract my SIR still, but if I want on-campus housing, I need to do it by June 24th. I'm not sure my parents would be thrilled to spend $750 (SIR + housing deposit) on a school I'm not going to. But if that's what it costs to cover my ass... then...</p>

<p>You still have some time before the 24th. I'd wait before I paid the housing deposit in hopes from news from 'SC. I'm assuming you live in SoCal so they prob got your transcripts in the mail within a day or two. Wait the two weeks, if no news then pay the housing deposit just incase.</p>

<p>exactly if that's what it costs to cover your ass then you do it!</p>

<p>simple as that. and you should have gone to Berkeley, i like you kid.</p>

<p>but yeah Trojans don't need a reason to suck they just do. lol..
yeah i am still Bruin at heart *things don't change over night :( *</p>

<p>but seriously its your dream school! do what it takes to cover your ass and if things work out for USC then regarding the Tritons love them and leave them.</p>

<p>I don't know if I want to wait though. Housing is first come, first serve. So the longer I wait, the less likely I am to get the housing I want. It is my dream school, yes, but is it really worth waiting until mid July just to find out? I'd miss orientation, not be guaranteed housing, and have no idea how my schedule would be until like a month before school. I don't know what to dooooo. I was so sure I was going to UCSD, but now it just seems incredibly boring.</p>

<p>How much is the housing deposit? you aren't binded in a contract right? I would sign up for housing and take time to weigh your options... </p>

<p>In reading your emails it seems you know where your heart is & I think you should follow 8it.. </p>

<p>"USC was my #1 because of the tradition, and the alumni networking. Also, the possibility of the UC system going bankrupt scares the hell out of me." </p>

<p>Ucsd is not going to go bankrupt ever! even if California goes bankrupt Ucsd is seriously financially fine. They are 7th in the world for most $$ received for research funding among public institutions. Ucsd is an amazing school & so is Usc.. Usc is a bit less competitive to get into but that shouldn't really impact your decision.. :) </p>

<p>Go with your gut instinct but also cover your @ss and secure housing.</p>

<p>one more thing re: "I'd miss orientation, not be guaranteed housing, and have no idea how my schedule would be until like a month before school." </p>

<p>In 10 years none of this will matter! go with your instinct. if that's your dream school you'll find a way to make it happen, should you have the opportunity.</p>

<p>Thats true. If it were me I wouldn't risk crappy housing just incase. Then if you do end up at UCSD you'll find it even more boring. I don't think I would risk is actually. I was under the impression you'd hear from USC within the next 3 weeks. Get your housing app in, and if you get accepted at USC weigh your options then. I'm sure UCSD will be great though! ..and you'd be saving your parents lots of money haha.</p>

<p>oh another thing, can you hand carry your transcripts to Usc? How did you do Spring semester? if you did very well than your chance of being let in will be much better.. And if you have already sent your transcripts then the eta is 1-2 weeks.. Where are you getting July estimation? Be pleasantly persistant / aggressive so hopefully they'll move a little faster..</p>

<p>Decided to submit the UCSD housing app. Came to realize going to USC was probably just wishful thinking.</p>

<p>@ shawna
I already had my CC send in the transcripts. Even then, it's a two and a half hour drive to hand carry them. I got a 3.6 this semester, so hopefully that's good enough. Instead of having just one notification, USC has a series of periodic status updates.</p>

<p>Most people start off with:</p>

<p>"We are reviewing your application. Sometimes we require additional information, so be sure to respond to any requests promptly. Transfer applicants are notified of their admission, or of a request for more information by June 1."</p>

<p>Those who receive a spring grade request see this:</p>

<p>"We are unable to process the status of your application at this time. Please try again later, or Contact Us with any questions or concerns you might have." (Mine has been this way since May 19th)</p>

<p>and still others see this:</p>

<p>"We have requested your spring term grades. We mailed you specific instructions on how to submit your grades for expedited processing. We hope to receive the grades before June 30. We expect you will be notified of our final decision by mid-July."</p>

<p>Hope that cleared some things up.</p>



<p>School is what you make of it mate.</p>

<p>This is the same situation I'm dealing with except with Berkeley and USC. USC was my #1 choice a few months ago. Now, every moment I don't get a decision from them I'm hating them more and more.</p>

<p>@ james</p>

<p>I realize that. but while the academics are basically the same, the social life aspect just doesn't even begin to compare.</p>

<p>@ Atlanta</p>

<p>Exactly! My guess is that they are just waiting to see how many people turn them down before deciding to make a decision on those who got a SGR. I mean, all that's left to look at is another semester/ quarter of grades. Why else would it take so long?</p>

<p>I'm sort of in the same boat as well, but I'm considering whether I should go to UCSD or stay at CC one more year to finish pre-reqs so I can graduate from UC in 2 instead of 3-4 years and have a good shot at UCLA. Unfortunately I don't have 650 bucks to throw around so I'm sitting here knowing all chances of me getting a nice single room at UCSD are gone haha</p>

<p>I was thinking about you today, Politricks, when I read this: N.C.A.A</a>. Hands Down Harsh Penalties to U.S.C. -</p>

<p>Tough break, for USC B-ball.</p>

<p>Ah sorry, just saw this today. Yeah, sucks for everyone transferring to 'SC who wont get to go to a bowl game. I'm definitely going to UCSD though. I called USC today just for kicks, and they haven't even processed my spring grades that I sent in on the first of this month. zzZzZzZzz...</p>