Help selecting among University Colleges in the Netherlands

My daughter has asked me to help her choose among the following programs:
University College Utrecht
University College de Hague
University College Groningen
University College Maastricht

It is difficult to get any answers anywhere. It seems that the Dutch simply go to the school either closest to their home residence or the college that offers the degree they are seeking, while others do not seem to be aware that the universities have each a respective university college connected to the main university.

Is there anyone here who has either participated in one of the above university colleges or who has lived in The Netherlands who can help us?

Thank you!

@myos1634 can you help?

Gronigen especially for Environmental science and issues, The Hague for policy, human rights, social justice.
Maastricht is more international, smaller, easy to get to Belgium/France; Utrecht is older, with historical buildings, in a large, vibrant city.


Thank you for your response.

Thank you for helping me find someone to respond.

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