Help! Submit a 31 ACT this year or no?

My S is applying. He has 4.0 uw GPA, 10 APs, a top public HS in our state, good but not amazing ECs and leadership.

He had lots of tests cancelled this year, of course, but did manage to take and get a 31.

We’re leaning against him submitting – partly b/c he’d need at least a little merit money to attend and I feel like Case is looking for higher scores for merit.

Any advice?

Your son’s score is within the 25-75th percentile range, so IMO would submit the score. HOWEVER, while CWRU is generous with partial-tuition scholarships, I do not know how much your son’s score would qualify for, nor does anyone but Admissions: merit money would be based on his application overall compared to others’. I do highly recommend applying EA (non-binding) and interview if possible to increase your chances, as CWRU does consider demonstrated interest. It’s his decision, at the end of the day, so apply widely (safeties, matches, and reaches,) and hope for the best! :smile:

CWRU Class Profile:

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

A friend’s D got merit at Case with a 31 and good (but not top) rigor. I would submit that score, unless he is applying engineering and the math is low.

@PikachuRocks15 – he only needs about $15k to put it in range. Yes, he’s applying EA and he’s done an interview! He also got to visit b4 everything shut down.

@wisteria100 – hmm, he IS applying engineering and his math is 30. (33 R, 33 E, 30 M, 28 S) The one test he got this summer had a brutal math section. :frowning:

Does this change your thinking?

Appreciate your input!

@AlmostThere2018 I was waitlisted last year (Class of 2024) with a 35 ACT and my projected merit scholarship award, if admitted, was $25K. However, the merit scholarships aren’t awarded in any linear fashion, so take from that what you will.

Has your son taken the math subject test (preferably math 2?) Has he taken AP/IB math and have a test score?

@PikachuRocks15 – no Subject tests. Testing access has been a disaster this year, as I’m sure you know… He’s taking AP Calc now so no score. Overall his AP tests are two 5s, two 4s and one 3.

He does have some state required End of Course math tests on his transcripts – all 97 to 99th percentile – but I doubt they look at those.

No, a 30 on math would not change my thinking. Very solid and I would submit. I think his scores put him in mid 90 percentiles for all sections

No one but Admissions knows for certain if they’ll look at the end of course tests, but it doesn’t hurt that they’re strong. :smile:

Looking at the ACT percentiles, as @wisteria100 points out, every section is above the 90th percentile, which is good. Taking AP Calc is good, especially as an engineering applicant. His test scores and grades are in-range, so now it’s up to the rest of his application (essays, extracurriculars, letters etc.) to “get him through the door” and hopefully, get him a merit scholarship. Good luck!

Thanks to you both! I guess it’s only on CC that 31 seems low, lol!

@PikachuRocks15 – how are you enjoying Case this year? How are things with COVID?

@AlmostThere2018 CC’s a super-selecting population, so keep that in mind while on CC.

I actually go to Brown, not CWRU! I have a friend at CWRU who enjoys it a lot, except for the extremely cold weather at times (when it rains, it RAINS. :lol: )

Got it – hope you’re enjoying Brown!

Yes, we visited Case in Nov and it was kinda cold and dreary – sun broke out in the afternoon.

It’s nice of you to come back and help the students in the following years.

Look at previous EA results… I see people with 31 ACTs getting $22.5K scholarships


Also look at the Common Data Set for ACT ranges.

@bopper – Thank you for weighing in! He’s going to submit his score. He’s hoping to submit his app by Wednesday.

Fingers crossed!