Help with electives! Yearbook, French, Marketing, or Chinese

<p>Hey guys!
So I need to soon be picking my electives for next year.
Currently I'm a freshman and I've taken Bio honors, English honors, geometry, history honors, student gov and Spanish 3.
I've gotten decent grades in them not all A's but still good. Next year I will take honors English, chemistry, AP History, Algebra 2and AP Spanish. I'm deciding on what other electives to take I have only room for one more but I'm thinking about taking an online PE class so I can add one more. I want to either take yearbook, French, marketing or Chinese. What would look better for college? I'm thinking about attending William and Mary and majoring in marketing so I think marketing is my top choice. But should I take yearbook or another foreign language?
I'm fluent in Spanish and I feel like I took an easy way out by taking it as a class. In my school Chinese is taken at an academy where they do Chinese 1 and 2 in one year as well as Chinese 3 and 4 and then AP Chinese. With French I would start at level one and not go to AP French or French honor society. Is Chinese extremely hard? I know with my fluency in Spanish French would be a little bit easier. I know Chinese is the most spoken language in the world so would that look good for college? I do want to travel a lot when I'm older.
Yearbook seems fun and I've always wanted to do it. Yearbook also can give me a leadership role.
Well thanks so much!</p>

<p>Do what you want not what you think will look good</p>

<p>My friends are doing pretty well in Chinese and I'm doing pretty great in Japanese. Writing is the most difficult part.</p>