Help with UCAS Education Section + What are my chances?


I’m a student in the US who will be applying to study PPE at 5 schools in the UK this cycle (Durham, Warwick, LSE, KCL, and Oxford). Firstly, a couple questions about filling out UCAS.

  1. My school was on a semester system my sophomore and freshmen years, is it okay if under my Modules on UCAS I write something like “English 9: Semester 1”
  2. I took my SAT and SAT subjects at another school because my school didn’t offer it for the dates I wanted, should I list these qualifications under my high school still? I figure it’s fine if I do but just to be sure.

Answers to these would be much appreciated thank you!

Also, a chance me just cause because I’m curious what you all think.

Chance me for Durham, Warwick, LSE, KCL, and Oxford all PPE.

GPA: 4.02 UW, 4.55 W, school doesn’t rank
SAT: 1520 (EBRW 770, Math 750) taken once
Junior APs: Eng Lang, APUSH, and Bio all 5s
Senior APs: Eng Lit, Euro, US Gov and Politics, Calc BC, Stats, and Macro* all predicted 5s
*Duel enrolled for this one since my school doesn’t have it

I’d say my PS is pretty good. I read 2 intro books from each subject that were recommended on Oxford’s site as well as On Liberty. Also mentioned a lot of online lectures that have given me a pretty okay understanding of Marxist theory. Also some other random stuff I’ve read over the years that I liked. A student studying law at UCL helped me get it in decent shape so I at least think its not the typical “I’m an American who doesn’t know what I’m doing” PS. I will say I don’t have many PPE related activities outside of my reading. I do a debate club and have done social justice club stuff but nothing like interning at a campaign.

I’ve yet to start studying for the TSA as I’m still filling out UCAS but I took a practice test, ran out of time and missed 7/50 questions and still got like a 66 for the mc so I think with a little practice I can get it up to the 70s or even 80s.

You think I have a shot?

That is more detail than necessary- English 9 is fine

They really don’t care where you sat the exams :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t get over confident about the TSA for Oxford! Last cycle ~300 people scored over 80 on the Critical Thinking, fewer than 100 people achieved over 80 on the Problem Solving, and nobody got over 80 on the essay. But starting in the mid-60s your odds of getting an interview invitation go way up; once you get to interview you have a ~1/3 odds of getting an offer.

If you get to interview at Oxford, and then get an offer, your offer is likely to be along the lines of “scores of 5 on 3 of Calc BC, Euro, Macro and USGov, to include Calc BC”. If you get an offer from LSE (which I think is the least likely of the 5), the offer will be for scores of 5 on 5 of the APs.

Guessing that you will get offers from Durham, Warwick & KCL.

Sounds like you know your stuff, thanks so much for the advice! Yea I guess maybe 80s is a little high to shoot for on the TSA, but I’ll get studying! Just a quick question, I had been told that if I got an offer it would likely only be conditional on the calc BC score from this year, since I already have 2 of the 3 aps required for an offer from last year. Is that not true? Is it likely that any offers I get will be conditional on 3 AP exams from this year just because they can be? Thanks!

Depends on the uni. Oxford requires 5s on 3 relevant APs. The APs you took last year are not relevant to PPE, so any offer from them will likely be as @collegemom3717 wrote.

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Told by whom? I have seen that happen, but more often I have seen Oxford give the usual 3 subject offer or (as above), your choice of 3 from a longer list.

You will know in December if you have an interview, and in January if you have an offer, so until then no senioritis!

For PPE I know History is listed as “helpful” (so US history last year may be part of my offer) and I had read somewhere on Oxfords site or maybe heard in a lecture that generally a strong background in essay writing was encouraged, so I’m hoping Lang will help. I could be very much mistaken though!

A North American outreach/admissions helper at Warwick had said I would likely just receive an offer conditional on calc bc. Looking back though it’s likley she was just speaking for Warwick. It’s okay though I’ve got lots of time to study for the exams!

That would be my guess as well

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You should get into all bar Oxford and LSE. LSE is mostly about grades but significantly more competitive than your other choices, but you have a good chance (would say >50% likely). You’ll most likely get an interview at Oxford providing your test is good, and then most of whether you get it comes down to that interview.

Any reason you’re not applying to UCL? Job prospects wise it’s a big step up from Durham and KCL and only a marginal step below LSE, but it will be a lot less competitive to get into (would say you’re pretty much guaranteed providing personal statement and references are good).