<p>My son has to make a decision soon and I need some help on guiding him to the best decision. My son got his first LOI this week and we are expecting two if not three more from D1/D2 schools. He also got into NYU,Vassar , and Stevens which are D3. He got into Stern which is a great business school. NYU will now cost $45k after scholarships and Vassar and Stevens will be around $30k, while the D1 school (University of the Pacific) is D1. That school will also originally cost D1. It is expected that his athletic scholarship could increase. Another D1 school has entered the picture and wants him to fly for an official visit next week.</p>

<p>We are prepared to pay the NYU price but want to make sure it's worth the extra $16k a year. Stern is an amazing business school and wonder if it's worth the extra money. Also, it's D3 instead of D1, but the choice is academics first. We are negotiating with NYU to try and get the price lower. UGH! Tough choice. Please give me your ideas.</p>

<p>Sorry, D1 school will also be $30k.</p>

<p>Wow, great choices! Congratulations.
Have you visited U of the Pacific? I have....</p>

<p>Hi! We've been to UOP. He went on his official and also I have seen the school. Stockton is not the greatest but the campus is beautiful. Looks like a mini Princeton which we've also visited. What did you think?</p>

<p>I don't think it's in the same category academically as the others on your list. I agree the campus is lovely. You're being generous when you say Stockton is not the greatest :)</p>

<p>I agree. That is why I'm willing to pass up the D1 and push for him to play D3.</p>

<p>If you are OK with the extra $, I would choose Stern - it has such a great - and very well known - reputation. That stays with him for his whole life, too. Plus, he would still get to play his sport. At this point, we have invested so much $ in our children that I would "bite the bullet", as long as you are fine with that....!</p>

<p>D3 definitely over D1; regardless of the feel good ad that's continually run by the NCAA, D1 is athlete-student and D3 is student-athlete. Academics clearly come first at D3. We went through a similar decision and quickly settled on D3 for that reason. As for Stern at +$15k versus the other D3's that's a value judgment only you can make. Stern is a great business school though. My preference would be a UG in something other than business followed by a top level MBA but that's just my bias.</p>