<p>I am from chile, and i would like to know which it is the best university that fit with my profile.</p>

<p>I have talked to my parents and we think that we can not pay more than 10,000 a year, I also loking for a scholarship for swimming, order to keep improving my times.</p>

<p>I am going to take the sat in june 5, and if everything goes well i think that i could get a score around 1,100 for math and reading considering that the creatical reading it is not easy for me because i am not a native speaker.</p>

<p>I lived in canada for 2 years and a half and the experience living in another country really change my mind for ever, I went to one of the best swimming club in ontario(NYAC), and since i came back to chile i wanted to study abroad.... I am not loking for the best university in the state i just want to learn new things from diferrent people and be part of a group where averyone love what their doing.</p>

<p>hope anyone could give a important advice.</p>

<p>ps:I want to study psychology.</p>

<p>Thanks </p>

<p>Mallen Figueroa</p>

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<p>I would recommend getting in touch with Athletic depts in various schools. With 10-grand, it might be your best shot at attending a U.S. college. Don't take it as a pun, there are some real prestigious schools out there willing to recruit athletes with great scholarship packages. Best of luck!</p>