Hey HSL! What are your plans for the summer?

<p>taking a class, traveling?</p>

<p>Governor's School, Precalculus course.</p>

<p>I think I'll be a URM there.</p>

<p>I'm taking the equivalent of Algebra 2 at my local CC. (And I'm a rising senior, lol...)
I'll also be applying for a job at about 15 different places this week/next week. I need to get my working papers from school too, so that should be fun. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>@ MIT-- oooh. nice. what is your ethnicity? O_O</p>

<p>I might attempt to obtain a job. Aside from that, I'm hoping that I pass my driver's test. If don't pass, I'll be obligated to wait until I'm 18 to take my test again, seeing as how I'd rather not take the permit test for the third time.</p>

<p>Going to California, volunteer, go on the computer while I'm babysitting, online summer classes, and try to complete summer assignments.</p>

<p>African American. The rest of the people will be Indian, Asian, White, etc.</p>

<p>im black too, lol
blacks are almost always URM when it comes to education..no matter where they go.</p>

<p>I am going to Thailand to immerse myself in the culture.</p>

<p>ololojk, I'm going to visit my family and play videogames with them :D.</p>

<p>^Lol, I believe that that is applicable to me as well.</p>

<p>Columbia Summer Program and working on my project for Intel/Siemens/any other competition I can submit it in. Hoping Columbia's program won't be as bad as some people seem to think.</p>

<p>Well, I went to France for ten days. I just got back two days ago. That'll probably be the most exciting part of my summer. Now I just tutor this little kid and have an internship. Hopefully I'll start viola lessons!</p>

<p>going to Dubai next month! :)</p>

<p>the columbia program is fun, but definitely not academically stimulating</p>

<p>That's definitely disappointing then.</p>