Hey seniors, do you know what's happening to your room after you leave?

<p>Cause mine is becoming my nephews', it'll be a subtle change from light blue to darker blue and from my mom loving me to loving my nephew.</p>

<p>My room was my oldest sister's room, and my brother's room became my second sister's room, but since both my oldest sister and my brother never lived here full time, it wasn't that bad for me and my second sister to steal their rooms. But there's no one to steal my room now.</p>

<p>I think after a few years, they're going to let my sister have my room.</p>

<p>^^ I'm the youngest too and before me it was my two brothers, I honestly can't remember where I slept till I was five but I know it wasn't this room and we only have my parents' room and mine and the laundry room (which no bed would fit in). I thought maybe nothing would happen to it after I left but my nephew is here so much and he made me sleep on the couch last night to take my bed.</p>

<p>I've had my room all 17 years of my existence. My brother and sister did a swap of their 2 rooms (all 3 of our rooms are upstairs) about 10 years ago. And for the past 6 years, I could have switched to one of their 2 vacant rooms, but I stuck w/ old faithful. I assume it'll still be a bedroom/guest bedroom/my bedroom after I leave for college.</p>

<p>It will stay my room. After all, I'm only going to be gone for a little over half the year.</p>

<p>it'll collect dust/be eternally frozen</p>

<p>jk. :) It'll probably become a guest bedroom (even though we have no guests) - I was the only one who wanted to sleep on the 1st floor</p>