<p>So, I am currently an entering freshman into the Wharton class and am a little curious about how difficult is it for a Wharton kid with a high GPA and everything to land a job in one of these fields?</p>

<p>very do-able. But "and everything" is a pretty extensive list.</p>

<p>you're at wharton. you'll be fine.</p>

<p>keep in mind its very rare, even for Wharton kids, to end up in hf/pe/vc right out of undergrad. Usually these analyst position are filled by Ibankers from GS/MS after their two year indentured servitude.</p>

<p>realistically, only the cream of the crop (even from Wharton) get into HF/PE/VC straight out of undergrad...</p>

<p>You have a superb chance. Not only are you a Whartonite, but you are also an M&T kid. Really good chance I think. Make sure you maintain those grades though.</p>