High acceptance boarding schools?

First of all, I know this is the parents section, but I figured parents might be the best to ask. I was wondering if any of you knew of high acceptance rate BS? By high I mean at least 70%. Thanks!

If you go to boardingschoolreview.com, you can list schools by selectivity. The ones on the list from 157 to 220 have selectivity rates above 70%.

Thanks @CAClover, I’ll check it out!

Great place to start. But know that the information on that site is definitely spotty, frequently dated, and not necessarily comparable. Don’t rely too heavily on this - if you’re interested in a school (or one that is data light), reach out to the school itself.

As a very general statement, you will find higher acceptance rates at boarding schools that are located in regions other than the Northeast. Think Midwest or South. You may also find higher acceptance rates at schools that have something about them that appeals to a more limited student population. Examples might include military schools, single gender schools, etc.

And are you full pay? Schools with high admittance rates have high admittance rates for full pay applicants. If you need even a smidge of FA, then there are no high acceptance boarding schools in that least selective list, only schools for whom you may be an exceptional applicant worthy of the FA money.

On the other hand, many, many schools, even those quite a bit higher up the list, will have an opening right up till move-in day for a full-pop impact athlete or other extraordinary full-pay kid.

@GnarWhail, I would need at least 25% financial aid

Gotta say @futurereject37 that part of the battle is a positive frame of mind, starting with your handle!

@futurereject37 FA like that is rough and tough 15 grand a year, so you are not going to find any schools are a sure thing, but you can identify schools where you would be a better candidate than most based on your grades, scores, and sports or other hook type things–but not be such a good candidate that you are extremely likely to get into a better school and blow them off–AND are schools that don’t favor large FA awards to fewer students, and then make a real push at those schools with tons of expressed interest through visits and whatnot.

It’s difficult to find schools in NE that aren’t super selective. I know that’s Colorado Rocky Mountain School has a 70% acceptance rate, and it seems pretty nice. I’ve never been there, but I live within a couple hours drive and everyone who’s gone there said it was fun. :)>-

If you haven’t found a school yet, look at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, VA. They offer tuition reductions. Your parents will need to fill out the form. It’s a great school and worth a look. My DD goes there and we’ve had a great experience.