High School Courses/Activities

<p>Let me explain my situation first:</p>

<p>My family has moved to California from Mesa Arizona, and I will be senior for the year of 10-11. Yeah, pretty bad time to move... Now i have the opportunity to go back to AZ and finish my HS at my old school, while living with my grandmother, or finish my school up here. Here are the courses I've taken thus far:</p>

Intro To Engineering (PLTW) [A-A]
Honors Math 3/4[A-A]
Honors Lab Bio[A-A]
Concert Orch<a href="Viola">A-A</a>
Honors Eng[A-A]
Spanish 1[A-B]</p>

AP World<a href="4">A-A</a>
Con Orch II[A-A]
2nd Year of Engineering[A-A]
Honors Eng II[A-A]
Honors Chem[A-B]
Honors Math 5/6[A-A]
Spanish II[B-A]</p>

Study Hall/Second semester I had AP Calc BC <a href="5">A</a>
Honors Pre Calc[A-B]
AP Eng III <a href="5">A-A</a>
AP Euro <a href="4">A-A</a>
APUSH <a href="4">A-A</a>
AP Chem <a href="3">A-A</a></p>

<p>So here's the thing, in California, I will need to take a 1.5 semesters of PE and 1 semester of Health education. I can do a sport, which will take the place of 1 PE credit per season, but will still have to take a semester of PE. If I go to the California school, my schedule will be like this:</p>

<p>Basketball(or, if i take a sport, AP STAT)
Spanish III
AP Bio

<p>At my old school it would be</p>

<p>Engineering (4th year)
AP Physics
Symphonic Orchestra (highest)
Lunch (possibly substituted for a class)
AP Lit/comp
AP Gov/Econ

<p>What i may be able to do is fit Spanish III in lieu of the release or engineering. So my first question is 1) Is taking a third year of language really that important? I've heard that for UC schools, it is (I'm looking at UC Berkeley). 2) Is orchestra that important? I know for some of the Ivies they require you to submit a 10 minute piece, which I may be able to do. 3) What should I do to increase my probability of acceptance to UC Berkely or the Ivies.</p>

<p>Lastly, at my old school, I was Math club President(1 year), AcDec Captain(2 years), in Chess club, in NHS, and just joined Speech and Debate. The new school I may go to has AcDec, and I believe math and chess club, and maybe NHS (although i may not be admitted). Also, I got into to 50,000 NMSQT students, with a 209, but obviously wont know about being a semifinalist until after school begins ( I probably won't, I'm assuming). </p>

<p>So thats basically the question, should I stay in AZ or move to Cali, or am i making this bigger than it is? Also, any other things to do that may increases my probability of being accepted into Berkelely/ Ivy would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<p>My thanks in advance for those that had the patience to read this and comment.</p>

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.... should I repost this somewhere else?</p>