High School Courses in Middle School

I took three courses in middle school, Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, and French I. Will colleges be able to see my grades in these classes, or will it show up as a pass/fail on my transcript?

That is school specific. At our school nothiing taken before 9th grade with the exception of a specific summer math program taken after 8th grade counts as a high school credit. However some classes like the ones you list simple mean starting high school at a higher level. The classes are not listed nor is credit given. Colleges easily know to assume they were done in middle school if you start higher.

If your school district counts them as actual high school credits chances are they show up on your transcript as actual grades and count towards high school gpa. I doubt they will count them as high school credits but only grade them pass/fail but again that is school specific.

That’s the definitive answer. It varies by HS. Colleges only see what is on your transcript. My transcript, as an example, listed the classes I took in MS, but with a grade of P, which was not factored into the GPA. Yours may be different, so ask your GC.

Okay, thanks! I’ll probably ask my high school counselor.

Yes, it does vary. When my D17 graduated a couple of years ago, her HS transcript included her grades from Algebra, Earth Science, Spanish 1 and Art History, all taken in 8th grade. These grades were factored into her high school GPA. I’m sure your GC can answer how it’s handled for your district.

My kid’s district shows them on her transcript and includes them in her GPA.