High school foreign language for international students

Hello guys, I’m an international student from mainland Asia. I just found out that colleges want students to take foreign languages in high school. However we dont have languages courses (Spanish, French, Chinese) that U.S high schools offer. I also know 4 languages (my native, Russian, Ukrainian, English). Do you guys think that not having traditional foreign language courses will hurt my chances?

If you speak four languages, then I think that you are fine.

I came from an area where English is not the primary language (French is), but studied at an English Language high school. Speaking only the two native languages for my home country was fine for applying to top schools in the US. If you speak four languages, you are way ahead of me and way ahead of the vast majority of Americans.

It is possible that universities in the US will require you to take a test of English language proficiency, such as the TOEFL. The point here however is to make sure that you will not be at any disadvantage for studying at a university where the language of instruction is English. It sounds like you should be able to do fine on an English test. Are they available where you live? If not, then you might be able to get a waiver.

If you are attending a high school where the language of instruction is not English, then English is your foreign language if that is one of your courses.

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