High school grad party???

<p>My parents said I should invite some of my high school teachers to my grad party in June, I thought about it, not sure...opinions...or should a grad party just be friends and family? I guess I don't really know what the norm is...</p>

<p>I don't think you should invite any of your teachers to your graduation party....that would be a bit weird, lol. Then again, it's your choice, but I'm not sure how they'd react. I don't think most teachers are even invited to grad parties, even if they're quite popular with students, because they'd appear out of place with your other friends and family members.</p>

<p>That being said, it's your choice as to whom you want to invite. A lot of people like to invite all their friends (from school and outside school as well), with few close family members. It's a pretty huge event for most people, so they invite a large number. However, it depends on the person. I've been to grad parties where my friend invited my family and another family. Some people like to invite over a 100 guests; others are comfortable with 10. Were you leaning any way?</p>

<p>we're inviting close to the 100 side of your idea there...</p>

<p>I decided to invite a few of them. Once it got closer to graduation, people started talking about this at school and I found out quite a few people from my graduating class invited teachers to their parties, so I did too.</p>

<p>I'm going to one of my friend's graduation parties tomorrow, and she invited a few teachers to (like 7 of them I think), so it will be interesting to see how many actually show up.</p>

<p>None of them showed up at my friend's grad party today...it was raining and horrible weather all day here, so maybe that's why, idk...</p>