High school life is flooded with

<p>HSL is flooded with the long, high-pitched cry of the large, heavily built crow Corvus UHHH...run?</p>


<p>omggg <em>squeals</em></p>

<p>WANT NUTS</p>

<p>Dark messenger of the 88.</p>

<p>SchieffenPlan reminds me of TRUFFLIEPUFF. I'm not sure why.</p>

<p>Harry Jones reminds me of Chaz Bono. I'm not sure why.</p>


<p>SchieffenPlan reminds me of an ******* I once knew. I'm not sure why.</p>


<p>get back on to work on your lawnmower fuggly</p>

<p>What are you talking about?</p>


<p>I don't get this thread...</p>

Harry Jones reminds me of Chaz Bono. I'm not sure why.


Yeah, people are always saying this. I think it's something about my nose.</p>

<p>You guys no each other in real life?</p>

<p>Go sing me a song and cook me some fried rice, Schieffen.</p>

<p>Scheffian Plan+ Truffle puff in a new skin. Same ****, just a different day.</p>

<p>W T F @ this thread...</p>

<p>WOW! MarinebioSax doesn't even know what is going on...this thread has to be come kind of code or somthing...</p>