Highschool after olevels

So I just finished with my olevels I have 3As 3Bs 2Cs and now I’m moving in December to US and idk if I’m gonna have to do junior year or just senior year?

In the normal sequence, you should do junior and senior year. O levels are usually 16 yr old exams. You really WANT junior year, so don’t be talked into senior only. Are you a citizen? Will you be looking at Uni in the USA?

Is it necessary to do alevels to get in to lums

O’levels may allow you to register at community college but most 4-year US universities will require Alevels, IB, or APs.

What exact subjects (with the grade)? Do you hope to attend a selective college? What job/majors interest you?

It’s in your best interest to start this Winter in the 10th grade (Year 11) with appropriate classes (honors English, precalculus honors, a foreign language such as Spanish or French, US or global history, chemistry, physics… As relevant.)

Non honors= Foundation classes - that’s often the default for kids from another school system so be careful and prove your mettle this Winter so you can be placed in appropriately challenging classes in the 11th grade which colleges pay most attention to.

Aim for straight As (note that a US B is equivalent to a UK C and a US C is equivalent to D-E) so that you can select classes most appropriate for your college goals.