HKU -- BBA (IBGM) / BBA(law)

<p>Hey. I'm not really new to CC, but this is my first post ever. So here it goes:</p>

<p>Ever since elementary school, I knew I would end up in the U.S. for college. At least, I was almost 95% sure I'd go to the U.S. for undergrad. Recently, however, I've started to reconsider universities in HK (my passport is from HK & I've lived there till I was about 7 yrs old). </p>

<p>At first, I was thinking of applying to HKU as one of my safeties, but I looked into the majors at HKU and I found that the only ones that I'm interested in are BBA(IBGM), BBA(law) and maybe Law. So.. I'm not so sure if HKU is that safe anymore. I did some more research and found that IBGM only accepts 20-something people per year! Their acceptance rate is even lower than Stanford! </p>

<p>Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone can tell me more about their admissions requirements and stuff. I go to one of the leading international schools in Asia (U.S-based education, although we have IB as well), so I think I'll be in the international student applicant pool....</p>

<p>All the top students in HK are really hard-core, so I know it's a challenge to get into the IBGM program, but how good exactly do your scores have to be? 2300+ on the SATs? 4.0?</p>


<p>Admission is significantly easier for internationals because they LOVE internationals who bring global flavor to the program. There was a huge and recent HKU vs HKUST thread in which many posters were applying for undergrad business programs in HK. I remember almost all of the international applicants have IB though; I am not sure if that's required. Try to find it.</p>

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<p>This is my first post!
I am a student from Singapore and I am interested in BBA(Law) in HKU. It is very hard to get in? Anyone knows the acceptance rate?
And for the essay is there no word limit? What particular 'style' do they prefer? Do they also look out for very personal and interesting essay like the US schools?</p>


<p>I'm currently an international student doing the BBA (Law) program. I came from an international school in Singapore, but ethnically HK. My numbers were 4.0 (AP's were given a boost of 0.5, so if you took that away, it's most likely somewhere around a 3.8). I took 9 AP's and got seven 5's and two 4's. SAT combined score (took it twice) was 2270. SAT 2's taken were Math 2, Chinese, World History, and Biology and got 800, 780, 770, 730 respectively.</p>

<p>I didn't get into my top choices in the States, so BBA (Law) was a good 'likely' choice for me, as I save a ton of money by going here. If you're the type of applicant who has a shot at the Ivies and top schools in the US and UK, BBA (Law) is a great choice to fall back on, as it's one of the top programs in HKU (the others being IBGM, Medicine, and Law) and while it is pretty competitive and the people in the program are sharp, it's not too bad and most of the courses are fairly interesting and straightforward. Also, BBA (Law) provides that pre-professional track I wanted, but at the same time, it gives me some flexibility in terms of profession as you can either go into the business side or the law side, depending on your preference.</p>

<p>Hope this helps!</p>

<p>Hey, I am a grade 12 student from Toronto, considering applying HKU this year. I have around 90 average (8 courses) for first report(Nov), 92 average for Mid-term(in Feb), I am getting around 2100 on SAT, 800 SAT Math 2 and 720 SAT Chemistry. I self-studied 4 AP courses (Psychology, Microeconomics, Chemistry, Physics) in Grade 11 and got all 4s. (because our school doesn't offer AP program but I took the most demanding courses at school). I also going to take 4 other AP exams this year (Calculus BC, Macroeconomics, Statistics and U.S History) I scored 108 on TOEFL. I have great extracurriculars including co-op(for business), internships (for both law and business), part-time jobs, volunteers, and lots of clubs. I am wondering how much possibility do I have to get into HKU law or business program?</p>