hmm did i mess up my commonapp

<p>i'm a canadian citizen, and i just sent in my commonapp.. but under the visa type, i thought it was asking for the visa that i'll apply for when i go to the states, so i put F-1 Student..</p>

<p>i don't think i should have, but will it matter that much?</p>

<p>just send in a correction by mail, or email them about it. it shouldnt really matter.</p>

<p>agreed (10 chars)</p>

<p>why must you people type 10 chars?? do it liike me at the post below</p>

<p>agreed .</p>

<p>ah whatever, it doesn't really matter. If i get accepted, i'll have to apply for an F-1 anyways... besides, it gives me no advantange</p>