Hobart & William Smith Regular Decision ??

I applied to Hobart & William Smith regular decision this year for the class of 2022. I was wondering when people have heard from the college RD in past years so I know when to expect to hear from them?

I’m unsure why it says “in Nepal” I am in the United States and talking about a college in the United States

Just got my acceptance! I was expecting it to be April 1 so it was a pleasant surprise!


Accepted tonight RD with 1280 SAT and 3.8 GPA!

How were you all notified? email/portal update or snail mail?

I got an email about having a portal update.

Same here. The email subject was “Your HWS Admissions Decision is Available”

thanks…any mention of merit and/or FA or just admissions information?

My acceptance letter said “The Merit Scholarship Committee has finished its review, and unfortunately, you have not been selected as a scholar.” I did receive my FA with my admissions offer though and was given a very generous grant.

thanks so much for the reply and sorry no merit, but congrats on the generous FA package!

My child was accepted and received the Elizabeth Blackwell Scholarship, didn’t tell me if the FA was also on portal. Did you all receive your financial aid package as well ??

Congrats everyone it is a beautiful school !!!

Stats over 4.0 and 1500 SAT

Boy i wish i knew the rhyme/reason behind the notifications

Found the financial aid and it brought it down to state school cost !! Just have to figure which is better fit for my child. Binghamton and waiting on others. It is such a beautiful school !!

Gosh, this is in my son’s “top two.” I hope it’s not worrisome that he hasn’t heard yet.

we have not heard and my D has very strong credentials-must be sending in batches.

My child did not receive email, they check portal and it was updated ! Just check and hopefully you all have good news!

the stress that this seemingly random notification process creates is really too much. I wish there was more transparency-but i know that’s asking for too much!

anyone else have a portal update after 2/20 or 2/21? nothing this week for us…

we just heard… son got accepted.