Hofstra EA Class of 2025

Thought I’d start this thread. Son submitted his application finally this morning. It’s gotten higher on his list. He’s interested in Poly-Sci and Film. Applying as Liberal Arts Undecided.

Did anyone apply with the priority admissions application? I applied in early August but still haven’t heard. Apparently, you’re supposed to hear within 2-3 weeks of submitting, but it’s obviously been longer. Any help>

Does Hofstra have a status portal for applicants?

Yes they do, no updates yet and heard around Dec 15th they will notify for EA

Has anyone heard yet?


I think they said decisions will come out on 12/15 on their website

They put a post today on instagram and twitter saying acceptance letters are on their way

They just came out!! I got in!

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Got in too, but the website is not clear in terms of providing details. very hard to navigate

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Has anyone been able to view an actual letter? Or find out about a scholarship? Mine just says “Congratulations, you’re in” but there’s no letter or more info

same here

No, I don’t think so. The actual letters will come in the mail.

Yeah I believe the letter will come in the mail with aid. There is an aid tab on the portal so maybe that will upload by the 15th.

Test optional
3.86/4.69 gpa


Accepted, test optional, 3.8/4.3 gpa

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Son was accepted 3.3uw/3.66w 28 ACT Arts and Sciences.
Also no letter, no merit indication.

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Accepted- 3.3 uw/3.63 w- Test optional

No letter or aid. Hopefully we all see that soon!

Congrats on everyone’s acceptance

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accepted- 3.97 uw, 4.60/5 weighted, 1560 SAT

no letter, scholarships, or aid yet

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D received Accepted email today. Applied Aug 3

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