Hofstra, NYIT, Arcadia, Seton Hill, RIT for 5 yr PA?

My daughter got into the following BS/MS PA programs and would like any advice about them. So far, the Cost of Attendance will be roughly in the same ballpark for all of them, so $$ is not really a primary factor. Do you know any pros and cons of each of these PA programs and the colleges overall? I’m particularly interested in how easy or difficult it is for admitted freshmen to actually meet the minimum gpa to matriculate into the PA program, the level of community bonding of the direct entry freshman cohort, quality of the PA program, and overall reputation of the university in general. Right now she’s leaning toward Hofstra as I believe it offers the most “guaranteed seat”, lower barriers to entry to matriculate into the PA program, and a broader full “college experience”. It’s somewhat hard to tell who really offers a “guaranteed seat” and who just offers an opportunity to interview for a seat in the graduate program.



New York Institute of Technology

She is still waiting to hear back from: Rochester Institute of Technology, Seton Hill

(She also got accepted to Drexel’s Bridge to PA, but we’re declining since it very definitely does NOT offer a guaranteed seat. Even if you hit the minumum gpa, etc, you’re only offered “an opportunity to interview”.)