Holiday iPad Deals

Looking for an 8th generation wireless only. Probably the most current basic model? Has anyone seen any BF specials? A quick search for some reason isn’t showing 8th generation models - isn’t that the most current non Air or Pro??

The current generation seems to be the 9th. I’ve gotten several iPads over the years on Black Friday deals and I just don’t see them right now. I would have expected to see the $329 model for about $250, but I don’t see any sales on that. The best I saw was $70 off an iPad Air at Costco, but they are sold out online. I’ve had an iPad since the first day they came out and currently have an 11" iPad Pro - I think if I had to get a replacement right now the sweet spot would be the iPad Air since it ditched the home button.

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This is the cheapest I’ve seen. I imagine it would be a bit cheaper if you can find the 64GB version but I haven’t seen any.

Costco does have the Wi-Fi + cellular version for $599 which is the cheapest I’ve seen for that combo.

$329 for 64GB. This is the regular iPad not the iPad Air.

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I ordered an ipad mini for D1 from the Apple Store and it was $499. It’s not going to be here for another 3 weeks and I ordered it 2 weeks ago. I didn’t want to wait for black Friday sales since I didn’t know if it would be in stock anywhere.

Yeah, I bought the Air 4 this summer and love it and am not regretful in any way (and yes, no home button) but I also do think the person this is would be fine with the non-Air. She also does not need cellular.

I’ll do internet rounds tomorrow and Friday and see if I see anything pop up and if I do, I’ll post it here - after I buy the one I need!!! :wink:


I went straight to the Apple store. I have an 8 wifi with 128 GB of memory. I’m quite sure it was $500 out the door. At the time, I asked for the newest model…it was this or the IPad Air which was twice the price.

I’d check Apple directly.

This is one of those situations where I really can’t pay full price even for an 8th generation for this person. It just wouldn’t work out for a number of reasons. BUT I thought if I found a sale I might be able to get one. I forget the lowest price recently at Costco but I wish I had been able to plan ahead better!

How much do you want to spend? That might help people guide you better.

$300 ish or less would be great. I don’t need to LEARN about iPads - I know the varieties and such. Maybe I could get a lower generation for less - but again, I thought there would be a chance like someone else said to find an 8th for under $300.

You probably won’t find an 8th gen cheaper than the new version ($329) even if it’s a refurb.

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I bought 10.2in 9th generation in September (I think). I wanted to exactly match the 8th gen I got for my Dad, but at the time there was no price difference (and 8th gen hard to get)…. so I went with newer. If I remember correctly, 9th gen had more memory too.

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My 8 has 128 GB of memory. How much did the 9 have for the same price?

There isn’t a 128GB option with the 9th generation. It’s $329 for 64GB and $479 for 256GB.

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$329 for a 9th generation is not bad.

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