Hi all. I have scoured the previous threads and can’t seem to find an answer. There seems to have been a decent amount of change in recent years for the Hollingsworth and Townes scholarships. Specifically, the website says no interview necessary but it looks like in past years people were invited to an interview weekend. Is this correct? Also appears the number of scholarships fluctuates year to year. Has anyone heard the planned number of scholarships to be offered this year? Thanks!!

We were on campus earlier this week for my daughter to do music auditions, and she confirmed with her admissions counselor that you do not have to interview for these two. Also, we were told no definite date for letters to go out for Duke Scholarship invites has been set just set, but probably sometime mid February. We did not ask about how many of each of these would be given.

@Bandmama2 Thanks for the info! They are all such long shots, but who knows!

Has anyone gotten letters yet? I know the Duke invites begin to go out sometime in February.