Hollywood Reporter’s Top BFA Programs

The list for the top Drama Programs came out last month.

Only a few American BFA programs made the list. Most of the programs listed are MFA programs…

These programs made the list:

Carnegie Mellon
SUNY Purchase (Purchase College)

Was surprised not to see Rutgers going on this list (though they are going through HUGE leadership changes within that program)

It was nice to see SUNY back on this list — since people on this forum seem to think this school for whatever reason isn’t top tier — which it is!

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SMU at #22 which is right behind Northwestern.

I did not know about UTK. Interesting.

Not a drama mama really (my kids were into high school theater but not interested in college so much), but I think UNC-Greensboro is an undersung school. Alums are making a living in Hollywood, on Broadway, and in NY (on SNL).

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I want to do BFA in acting and searching for top 10 acting colleges in California
i have made this list, is it suitable

cal arts
UC Irvine
CSU long beach
UC San Diego
USC School of Dramatic Arts
UC Berkeley
CSU North ridge

Most of those programs are not BFA acting. I think USC has one BFA and one BA program, it is really hard to figure out what program the others have. I thought UCLA had a bfa acting but when you look on their website it looks like it is a BA. You have to look carefully at the websites and search each department to check. Some schools have BFA in musical theater and others in acting

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I just asked my son who is in a bfa acting program in the southeast, he said to add Chapman, it is a bfa performance arts he thinks