Holy Cross RD release date

We saw somewhere it would be mid-March. Does anyone know? When were RD decisions communicated last year?

Was 3/20 last year.


I heard that for the last 4-5 years, RD decisions came out in the morning (around 9 am) on the third Saturday of March.

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They sent a notification today saying decisions will be notified on March 19. Fingers crossed!!!

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So the email last week and today both asked students to withdraw if the student would be attending elsewhere. It was quite nerve-wracking and I was fearful of hitting the wrong button!

Does anyone know what time Holy Cross typically releases decisions? Will they announce a time for Sat decisions?

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Even though admission decision letters are not out yet, you can view your decision under your To-Do List. I already have the waitlist reply form on my checklist.

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Same here

Results are out!! Son is in. Magis scholarship. 20K


7,000 applicants and 800 acceptances, wouldn’t that mean they have an acceptance rate of 11.4%?

Magis here as well. Very happy D.


no that’s the number they hope to yield. They accept around 2600-2700.


After 9 waitlists and 13 rejections, i got accepted to Holy Cross! This is top 3 school so im ecstatic! 60k year grant!

3.5 UW with extenuating circumstances, 3/4 APs school offers rest DE / honors, no test scores, good ECs for my area, alright essay, alright LORs


stats please, if you don’t mind?

3.99 UW. 33 ACT. 10 AP’s. Typical EC. Visited twice, interviewed, and did parent rec.

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A parent rec? Do they ask for that? Never heard of a parent rec. I’d write one if I needed to though. My S plans to apply next year. We are visiting this summer.

yes after the app is submitted we (the parents) received a direct email about sending in a parent rec. Did not go through portal. A few schools do it.


Holy Cross, Smith and Richmond ask for parent recs.


I checked my emails and never found an email from them requesting this. Congrats on your Son’s admission! Daughter waitlisted:(

interesting. My older D is a first year at Smith and we never got a request for one. Good to know to keep an eye out for one though (next year).