Holy Cross RD2025

Looking to start RD thread. Does anyone have info on decision date? 3/20?

I was looking through the HC RD2024 thread and it looks like decisions came out on March 21 last year. Not sure if they’ll stick to that date or not for this year. Hopefully they’ll release sometime soon!

In the previous 4 years, RD decisions came out on the morning of the third Saturday of March - this year that means the morning of March 20.

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Decisions coming Saturday according to Holy Cross Insta.

Good luck all!


What is my likely to get in if:

I have a 4.0 and top 5% of class. My NGA is 97.8
-only take AP classes and advanced classes if offered and also fuel enrollment
-part of an advanced two year program where I’ll get my LNA at the end
-part of National honor society and state honor society
-part of 6 community service clubs with 200+ community service hours
-have 7 academic awards
5 in AP testing
from NH

You should be a great candidate but admission decisions are tough to predict. Did you go test optional. Of course, they’re not required by high scores sometimes help to reinforce an applicants academic profile.

I’m really hoping to get in. I have a 4.2 weighted and I got a 1370 on the SAT. I also have a lot of extra curriculars including being president of NHS and Academic Decathlon. Excited to hear back this weekend!

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I did go test optional, my three tests were all cancelled. The closest testing center was two hours away and not guarantied.

Does anyone know what time decisions are coming out tomorrow?

according to posts from the past couple of years it seems to usually be 9 am so hopefully then

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does anyone else have “miscellaneous documents” marked as awaiting in the financial aid portal?

I think it may be as early as 8 AM, but definitely early morning.

Decisions are out!

Is merit included in the decision letter?

The financial aid info is available I didn’t receive any merit scholarships but I believe it would be included with that

D21 accepted with Magis Scholarship. She is so excited.


D21 also accepted with Magis Scholarship. We are absolutely thrilled.


Son waitlisted. Disappointing, as he thought he had done enough to get in(4.22 W GPA, 17/442 rank, 1430 SAT, solid extras and did interview). Got into Colby w great FA package but he would likely have chosen HC if he got accepted with good FA. Can’t afford to do waitlist as my understanding is you don’t get FA off waitlist.

I got in! But I didn’t get enough aid, I will try and ask for more but idk if that will work.

def contact them. My need was pretty much met through the magis scholarship and financial aid