Homework tips?

<p>Does anyone have any tips for making homework fun, easier, and more bearable? I just started my junior year of high school last Wednesday, and I'm already finding the work load a bit tedious and stressful - which isn't really good. Haha. I'm also taking three AP classes and one honors (AP Psychology, AP Eng Language, APUSH, and Pre-AP Spanish) as well as some college prep classes.</p>

<p>Imagine your future if you get bad grades.
That might work.</p>

<p>Get obsessed about it. Try to impress your teachers by throwing in some outside knowledge and going the extra mile! Imagine the look on your arch-rival's face when he/she sees your presentation! Wow the kids sleeping in the back of the room with your eight-page report where only one page was required! </p>

<p>Stuff like that will motivate you.</p>

<p>What I do, is I use colored pens and note cards to make it more fun and happy. I also use colored paperclips. Its not big, but those are just little ways to make it more fun. :)</p>

<p>Well, I'm enjoying the dichotomous outlook on things between the previous two posters, anyways.</p>