Honors College Benefits? Alabama, South Carolina, etc

Hello, my 2021 DD is applying to numerous southern schools. ACT 31, 3.97 unweighted GPA, 5 AP classes. OOS student.

What are the benefits of being accepted into an Honors College? Do they receive additional scholarships?

Some are better than others. Some might offer more money but if I remember scholarships were usually not tied to honors colleges for my son.

The benefits are usually smaller classes and the better professors. Priority registration is sometimes a perk. Might be more benefits depending on major. For business my son would’ve gotten more individualized attention for resume writing and interviewing practice. They also kept an eye out for the better internships.

I should’ve added that some schools have multiple honors programs. One for the entire school and then for a specific school within the college. My S20 is majoring in business. Some universities had an honor college for all the kids, as well as, a business school honors program. He was more interested in the business honors college.

My D17 wants to study business most likely. Would you have any advice for specific universities? We live in the Midwest and my daughter wants to be in a warmer climate.

Here’s a good start. Knowing what she wants like urban or rural, big or small would narrow the list. Budget too. Rankings don’t mean much if the school isn’t a good fit.


I like South Carolina. I did my MBA there many years ago. Your daughter might be able to get in-state tuition. My son liked SMU and Miami but will be going to Georgia Tech.

You might look at U Houston, UTD, UT Knoxville, Alabama or Kentucky if budget is a factor. If budget isn’t a factor I’d look at SMU, TCU, Miami, Emory, or Wake Forest. Early Decision could give a boost if you’re full-pay.