Honors College Clarkson University

Can anyone comment on their honors college experience? Was it worthwhile? How was the additional workload?

Disclaimer: I am not in the Honors Program! I applied entering as a Freshman and was invited to apply again entering my Sophomore semester. I read up on information, spoke with honors students, live next to honors students, and attended an information session on the honors program.

My take on the Honors Program:

TL;DR: In my opinion, unless you are planning on doing extensive research in a specific area of study, the Honors Program is not worth it. It simply adds stress.

As an honors student, you will receive an extra classes just for the Honors College that fill knowledge areas but nothing else. These knowledge areas could be filled with other classes that could fill a minor on top of your major. Also, as an incoming Freshman, the Honors Program requires you to take an extra class that other Freshman will take in their Spring semester. I would not have been ready for the course load my first semester as a Freshman. I have been told by many people that the Honors Program is a stressful environment where everyone is competing to get the best grades. I have also been told the Honors Program classes are easy and the environment is good. After attending the information session, I found that the senior thesis research is the driving force of the Honors Program. This research sends a lot of the Honors students into Graduate school and PhD programs after their undergraduate. This is impressive, but its not what I want as an Electrical Engineer.

Thanks so much for your input. Any information is so helpful to us!